Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Every man for himself

There was once a very familiar people with parks and gardens for which the children could play happy without worries, the people were living happy in his small houses and seemed that everything was perfect. Giny and James, two 16-year-old teenagers, were in the habit of walking together along the streets of the happy people. One day James that it was very curious told him to Giny that it had seen a very strange house and that on the same night it was going to enter, after a small discussion Giny decided to go with him it for fear that to spend something to him. It was a midnight and Giny and James were enter to the house, initially it seemed that alone it was a hause left normally and current but then they started spending very strange things, alone objects were moving the doors were opened and were closed at one stroke and many more sew, Giny was saying to James that should go out of there because tape-worm and evil foreboding but James it did not notice her and enter a very dark room, Giny was going to follow him it but the door hill at one stroke, giny began to call James and alone this one him oia to shout of terror. A while later the door was opened and Giny saw James died and fully of blood throughout, giny try to go out of there with his body but when it was just in the exit spend something and nevermore nobody returned to see them, but there are legends that they say that his spirits even are in the house.

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