Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sagittarius Prediction For This Week

(November 22-December 21)
You are going to go to the beach soon.
You are not going to go to the disco during a time.
You are going to listen to romantic music.
You are going to go to the cinema with your friends.
You were falling in love with a love, that you will have for that to wait for a long time.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Virgo prediction for this week






Gemini prediction for this week

The next week , you have a lot of exams . You should study every day but don’t worry , the summer holidays is here . You will be very happy because you will have a surprise . In your house , you should make more home activities . This weekend will are very funny for you .

Pisces prediction for this week.

This week will be fantastic for pisces. You will find the true love, someone you love, will be in love of you too. The studies will be very goods, the pisces won't fail any subjects.
About the family and friends, the things will be very funnys and happys.
This weekend, will be a very special party with your best friends, and, perhaps, will be here your love.

Pisces prediction for this week.

This week will be fantastic for pisces. You will find the true love, someone you love, will be in love of you too. The studies will be very goods, the pisces won't fail any subjects.
About the family and friends, the things will be very funnys and happys.
This weekend, will be a very special party with your best friends, and, perhaps, will be here your love.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lord Blood

In a castle there lived a dark knight. His name

was Lord Blood. One day, he decided to begin

an adventure in the forest of demons. When he

came to the forest, he found a strange shadow

that hid behind a tree. He approached the

shadow , and suddenly the shadow he killed.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Moon

The moon moves away and the given hours dissolve during a gray morning and a city under fog that I will not be able to know. Neither the city, nor the fog. Far from what yesterday had nearby I consume watery coffee and new flavors of fruit. Am I someone? The soldier greets me.

Bill and Ginny

Ginny was a girl who was betrothed at a young age. She had already accepted although she wasn't in love with this man.
One day, Ginny met Bill and they fell in love. They lived a love story incredible until Ginny died of a serious illness and Bill was shattered forever.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I was in my garden, when I saw a light . I went towards it . When I opened my eyes , I was in a magic place . The trees arose his branches to the violet sky . I closed my eyes and I appeared in my garden .

Pirates Of Alcorcon

I´m the captain Ignacio Sparrow and my friend is Asier Turner and we are fighting against the ship of the black pearl to liberate the girlfriend of Asier ultimately we finish winning them, I remain with The black pearl that is my ship And my friend Turner with his girlfriend


I was very happy because I went to holidays to El Caribe!
This summer was the best, I went with my family. We have done parachuting, surfing and other more exciting activities. The hotel was great, and the people very friendly. When we returned to house, I was very sad

Sunday, 24 April 2011


Isma: Hi, Juli!
Juli: Hello, Isma, what´s up?
Isma: I´ve just flown in a private plane to Miami.
Juli: So what? I´ve just driven a Formula 1 car.
Isma: I´ve just eaten with Will Smith.
Juli: So what? I´ve just gone for a walk with Megan Fox.
Isma: I´ve just fought with Chuck Norris and I won.
Juli: So what? I´ve just bought New York.
Isma: I´ve just made friend with Alsa Wore.
Juli: So what? I´ve just played football with Isaac Chansa.
Isma: Silence, stupid.
Juli: You sucks!!

La Ley de la Calle

My favourite book is ¨La Ley de la Calle¨ because there is a book that you can identificate it with problems in the street. There are some things: street fights, girls , drugs...etc
I recommend it you because the book is famous in teenagers. Buy it!!!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

My favourite book is La sangre de los inocentes.

I recommendit this book because is very interested and exciting. His history be about a terrorist band what want put an attack in Jerusalén, other in Roma and other in Santiago de Compostela.

The band's name is El Círculo. They want take revenge the inocent's blood shed in the past.

The police can stop the attack? If you want more information, run and buy La sangre de los inocentes!

Finis Mundi

I recommend this book for which it has been charmed with me and the epoch in the one that happens I like it.This is book is writted Laura Gallego.He narrates on a young monk who is going to save the humanity for whom it goes away to end the world in the year 1000.Really this book is worth it runs and you buy and start it reading.

What would I be if you don´t stay with me?

My favorite book is What I would be if you don´t stay with me? because is of Love and I really like the Love, so this book is about one girl and one boy that they were in Love but the problem was that the boy have to travel to Paris and the girl was very sad.
So the boy promise to write her all days and not forgot her.
But one day the boy forgot to write her. So the girl was really sad and angry.
The boy felt guilty, and he goes to bars...
Finally the boy visit the girl and they were in love again.
I recomendit because is a very sad novel, because is of really Love , and for the people who likes novels.

El Valle de los Lobos

The Valley of the Wolves is my favorite book because it is a book of fantasy and magic.
I like it because is a girl who meets a ghost who helps him to be magic and develop their magical powers.
The girl accompanied by the ghost of a tower where they teach us to make good use of magic and this place will make some friends to help him with his powers.
The tower is a strange place that hides many secrets and will help the girl to discover the truth about this tower and its boss
I recommend it because it is very interesting for people who like fantasy
and magic, is recommended for anyone who wants to read









My favorite book is invocations is about a girl who has the power to speak with ghost and their parents get into a madhouse, the girl believed to be a madhouse normal people, but later find that they are magicians,werewolf,witches,... And every day is discovering things.

I recommend it because it is a book that explains how people feel to be so different.


My favourite book is Twilight . I recommend it because is a book very interesting and exciting . The anthoress is Stephenie Meyer . The novel deals of Bella . She is 17 years old and changes to Forks to live with her father . There she meets to Edward , a mysterious

boy that keeps a big secret . He is a vampire . In my opinion the history is good because it has action , fantasy and love.

El último tren a Zurich

My favourite book is El último tren a Zurich (The last train to Zurich)
It's about a guy, Eric, and he got a scholarship to study Fine arts in Viena, there he met a girl, a beautiful girl and he was in love with her but she was dating with another guy. There he met his favotire writter too and he came his friend.
This story happend in Nazi's time and the things get complicated to Eric and his friends, when the things finally get right He was dating with the girl and his best frind was his favorite writer he have to go out the country to Zurich and left his life, carreer, friends and his girlfriend all for Nazi's fault...

-In my opinion this book is so good because it's not a fantastic book it's something what happend and It mixes history with a romantic story and friendship.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


An-Hi Amanda. I've just arrived from New York
Am-Hi Angelica. So what? I've flew three times to New York last year
An-I've just won a prize in the Olympic Games
Am-So what? I've just appeared on TV and won a Grammy prize
An-I've just done parachuting with Luis Fernandez of Protegidos
Am-So what? I'm B.O.B's best friend
An-So what? I've just met Jhonny Deep
Am-I made a film with him
An-Whatever, tonight I've got a date with him
Am-So what? I'm going to compose a song with Rihanna


j:Hi Asier
a:Hi Julian
j:I've just done scuba diving in the Pacific ocean with oxigen bomb.
a:So what? i've just done scuba divinf in the Atlantic ocean without oxigen bomb and with sharks
j:i've just done motorbike racing with Dani Pedrosa
a:So what? I've just donee motorbike racng and beaten Dani Pedrosa
j:I've just won a basketball competition in my school
a:So what? I've just won the playoffs with kobe bryant in Los Angeles Lakers
j:OK, goodbye asier
a;goodbye julian

Monday, 11 April 2011

Flight to New York

-Hello, how are you?

My parents have just bought a new apartment!!

Raquel=Hi,Elizabeth. Eli=Hi,Raquel. Raquel=My parents have just bougth a new apartament in the beach in New York. Eli=So what?My parents have just bought a new private plane to go to New York. Raquel=I've just had lunch with Pitbull. Eli=So what?I've just had dinner in Taylor Lautner's house appeared. Raquel=I've just appeared on television. Eli=So what?I've just done parachuting with Vin Diesel. Raquel=I've just won a prize with Penelope Cruz. Eli=So what?I've just won a prize with Cabano. Raquel=Filthy! Eli=Bad friend!

I don't want to speak to you any more!

L- Hello! I'm very happy because I've just met Lady Gaga.
T-So what? I've just eaten with Rihanna.
L-So what? I've just gone to the beach with Mario Casas.
T-So what? I've just been in Kristen Stewart's house.
L-So what? I've just spoken with Iker Casillas. He's very friendly.
T-I've just gone to the Hayley William's party.
L-So what? I've just gone shopping with Paris Hilton.
T-So what? I've just gone to the cinema with Johnny Deep.
L-So what? I've just danced with Natalie Portman.
T-So what? I've just had a good time with Green Day's vocalist.
L- I don't wan't to speak to you any more!!
T-Ok, you are stupid!

Thursday, 10 March 2011


In one night, my friends and I, were walking through a park.
Suddenly we pass next to a haunted house.Next we decided
to enter in the house, when suddenly we heard a noise.My
friends and I, fled in to several rooms in the house.Next, I
exit to the home.Suddenly, I saw my friends dead, and I
died instantly.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Every man for himself

There was once a very familiar people with parks and gardens for which the children could play happy without worries, the people were living happy in his small houses and seemed that everything was perfect. Giny and James, two 16-year-old teenagers, were in the habit of walking together along the streets of the happy people. One day James that it was very curious told him to Giny that it had seen a very strange house and that on the same night it was going to enter, after a small discussion Giny decided to go with him it for fear that to spend something to him. It was a midnight and Giny and James were enter to the house, initially it seemed that alone it was a hause left normally and current but then they started spending very strange things, alone objects were moving the doors were opened and were closed at one stroke and many more sew, Giny was saying to James that should go out of there because tape-worm and evil foreboding but James it did not notice her and enter a very dark room, Giny was going to follow him it but the door hill at one stroke, giny began to call James and alone this one him oia to shout of terror. A while later the door was opened and Giny saw James died and fully of blood throughout, giny try to go out of there with his body but when it was just in the exit spend something and nevermore nobody returned to see them, but there are legends that they say that his spirits even are in the house.

Church History

Two friends were in a church when it suddenly closed all the doors and started to sound strange voices, it is said that the wall of the church was opened and the young they got and never heard from them is said to have died of starvation others went mad and others who live by feeding on debris

A strange summer love...

This history begins one summer day. Amy was satisfied because the vacations.and had come was taking a vacation to house of his grandmother to spend the whole summer. It came to his grandmother's house and saw that the house where his neighbor was living was left, she grew sad very much because she loved his neighbor. He asked his grandmother what happened to him and she answered that there was a fire, she could not believe it and she decided to investigate.
she began for going to the house, on having brought in an air blast pushed her inside of the house closing the doors. Everything was destroyed and bothered, but the chimney was lit as if someone was still taking care of the house, it approached her and saw the face of the boy in the flames saying to her that .... he also loved her and he keeps on loving her.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A night in the ghost´s mansion

Two boys (Alan and John)were brothers, they wanted to go at their grandmother´s mansion. They went to the mansion by car. They arrived and they saw that mansion was very old. They stayed only one night. In the middle of the night, Alan didn´t sleep, he listened a mysterious noises and five minutes later, a ghost of a man appeared. Alan was surprised , he jumped and inmediately, he ran to the room of his brother. Alan and John saw that the ghost arrived again. They ran quiclky to the carand they went to their houses. Alan and John died the next day.... There was a maldiction!!

Monday, 7 March 2011

A ghost in a school

Jamie was a normal girl, she was 13 and she was in a high school. She didn't believe in ghosts but on day she went to school, like a normal day. The half of school wasn't there and there were just 5 children in class.
Suddenly they started to hear some stranges noises. The teacher went out to saw what was happening and the door slammed shut. They were afraid and screaming "HELP" "HELP".
When a suddenly a ghost appeared it was a girl and she looked very horryble and dirty. She told to childrens that she died in this class and she won't let anybody stand there.
The teacher open the door and he didn't saw anything, the class was empty without any ghost and any child...

ThE ShArk 0f The BeAcH

One day ,a I and friend´s to a beach.We went to the beach of vacations. When I come the night we directed a party,suddenly Javier listened a noise,the noise came of the beach.
We friend Amalia was died,it has been a shark.
I decided to be going to search to the shark and died of the shark.
When I found to the shark I took my machete and fogth with the animal.
Ultimately the shark died and I returned with my friends, but I returned very sadly for that my friend had died

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The history of the ghost

On 2st of January, Lara and his roomantes went to the forest. Lara see the cloudis of the night...
Lara was scared...¡Saw the ghost of the blue Lady! ¡Oh...No!
Lara running deprise and go to the castle. The ghost were you live in the castle. Lara blooding, and the ghost lives evanesscence...
The ghost watched as Lara was bleeding...after half an hour bloodless end up dying...The Phantom help her in his castle forever.
There full of blood dead on the spot where he died.

The history of the ghost

One day two girls called Raquel and Eli were in the house of a boy named Julian.Were watching tv when they heard a strange noise Julian turn but saw nothing.

After a while the tv is turned and the girls were jumped, then the tv went on and was wearing a canal about ghosts, suddenly turn off the tv and saw the face of a man who was a shredder and bloode came out tv; the kids screamed and left the house running.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

A night of mystery

One day , I went to my new house . The house was very old and big . The first night I listened a misterious noise and footsteps . I was frightened . In the morning , I went to my new school . Later , I did my homework . Then watched the moon and the windows opened . I watched a strange person . The person was very small and his hair was long and fair . I closed my eyes . The person disappeared . It was a mystery .


Sunny was a beautiful and intelligent girl, one summer she went to a house in the middle of the forest.
The first night, she loocked an animal very strange, because the animal has got four eyes and two noses. One week later, when she was reading, listened a strange noise, loocked like a cat.
She told her parents every things, and they returned to house.
One year later, she loocked in the news what the cat's soul was in the place when she was of holidays, the cat deaded in the 1768.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I spend my money quickly.

Fernanda: What´s the matter?
Asier: I spend my money too quickly.
Fernanda:You shouldn´t do that. What are you spending your money on?
Asier: Nomally in fizzy drinks and clothes because I like expensive clothes very much.
Fernanda: You have lots of clothes, think of other things, as studying or playing sport, it's very good for your health.
Asier: You are right, thank you, Fernanda.
Fernanda: Ok, bye.
Asier: Bye.

Monday, 14 February 2011

I'm nervous

Elizabeth:What's the mather?
Julian. M.: I'm nervous. I've got a exam.
Elizabeth: Have you studied much?
Julian. M.: No, I have not. I was sleeping.
Elizabeth: You were sleeping?
Julian. M.: Then I was playing, when try to study I fell asleep.
Elizabeth: And,why do you should't study now?---Julian.M->Because the exam is under two hours---Elizabeth->Then you should do a outline---Julian.M->Ok, i'm

Friday, 11 February 2011

I spend my money quickly.

Lidia-What's the matter?
Jhere-I'm sad. I haven't got any money.
Lidia-You should think before spending.
Jhere-What should I do for administer?
Lidia-You should't buy useless things. You should buy only the things that you need.
Jhere-That's a good idea! But I can't withstand.
Lidia-You should do a list of the essential things.
Jhere-Ok, thank you very much!
Lidia-Good bye!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

I'm not very fit.

- What's the matter?
- I'm not very fit .
- You shouldn't eat fast food every day. How many litres of water do you usually drink?
- I only drink water during dinner .
- You shouldn't do that. You should drink about two litres of water.
- How much time should I do exercise?
- You should exercise four or five days a week and you should walk to school too.
- I often drink alcohol .
- You shouldn't drink alcohol, it's unhealthy for you .
- Your advicing is very useful .
- And the last thing, you should sleep eight hours a day.
- Thank you , Alba.
- Don't worry.

I have an exam today

- What´s the matter?
- I´m nervous. I have an exam today and I didn't study.
- What did you do yesterday?
- I was with my friends.
- You shouldn't do that. You should study and then you can go with your friends.
- OK, thanks so much!!
- Good bye!!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Question of charles dickens

How many children did charles dickens?
---He had got ten children---

Monday, 31 January 2011

Quiz about Charles Dickens

What do you know about the famous writer Charles Dickens? Do you know where he was born? Who did he marry? Add comments with your questions and answers about Dickens, let's share our knowledge, any contribution is welcome!
You can find lots of questions and answers about Charles Dickens and his life here:

Sunday, 16 January 2011

In my Christmas holiday Iwas very beautifull because my family came to" my home of holiday for one week and came at the "El Corte Ingles" "Parque Sur" and at the "Isla Azul" I bought of present much roap.Alsi my grandparents gave me a necklace,which they me brought of Ecuador.
In the new year my returned to me country granparents and my family.
In King i bored myself , my family wasn´t wiht me.
But I went to Kings cavalcade in Boadilla of Mount.
I took many candiess and one spends it very well.

Saturday, 15 January 2011


In my christmas day , I go to the museum of prado , next my friends
and my was playing football in the park. My family and my was doing
a party in my house. Next , I saw my cousins in granfather´s house.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

¡My Christmas Holidays!

My holidays of Christmas have been marvellous, close to my family.
On December 24 (Christmas Eve), we sup on my (paternal) grand parents, my parents, my sister and I.
We sup on delicious and very rich things.
We dance and sing until evening.
My sister and I go to bed to at three o'clock in the morning to wait with illusion to (Father Christmas).
On the following morning 25 of Dieciembre (Christmas), my sister and I get up with illusion to seeing the presents that (father Christmas) it had left under the tree, to each one it brought his money, a diadem with a flower, and a box of chocolates.
My grandparents returned to eat again for christmas, we spend it marvellously this day.
I, throughout the week it was waiting with unpatience for the new year ... until to the end I come the day.
On December 31, I became pretty well to enjoy of a perfect night.
It were my parents, my sister and I to house of my mother grandparents to having dinner for new year, they were all my uncles,
My premiums, my grandparents and we.
The twelve came and we take all together twelve grapes ... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!
We pass the night singing and laughing.
The following day On January 1st, 2011 we turned all to house of my grandparents again but to eating.
And we pass the evening playing my presents, my sister and I.
Happening the week waits irritate the arrival of the (kings), and to the end I come on January 5th the day of the kings' cavalgata.
We went to see her my friends and I and me go to bed with my sister soon in order that on the following morning there were planty of presents
The following day ... On January 6th we get up all together and open the presents. They brought the CD of rihanna, a few leguins and a clamper of pepito cricket jaja.
Then to the evening we went to where my grandparents (martenos) and we open the presents and they brought theirs money and a felt, to the instant come my uncle and there gave me
a perfume and money, and on having come back home I meet with my (paternal) grandparents and they gave to me money for the kings' gift.
Summarizing past these days they have been brilliant and it has done to me very happy credit been together with my family

My Christmas

My Christmas Holidays

My Christmas holidays were very good. I didn´t go out of Alcorcon. I stayed in. I had got a lot of presents: A new movile, a scarf, an album, a jacket and a game of Playstation 3 called Gran Turismo 5, there is very cool. In Christmas and New Year, I were with my family. There wew very fun but the homeworks were bored. I hung out with my friends. I didn´t go to the ride of the wizards kings because I like more go out with friends or girlfriend. My family didn´t have much presents. In general, my Christmas holidays were fun but in other years were more fun than this year. My favourite present was the new mobile, I waited it one year.

Monday, 10 January 2011


This Christmas i went to the people with mys parents. One day i went to buy with my cousin small, we then went to the home of a her friend and told me that if the helped to make a feast that night in the castle; then we went to put the ornaments and put to some preparations. At the party were playing a lot of games; also were telling Christmas stories, jokes and stories. Put the music of the carols, later we were dancing a funny song and when i went to finalize the party went to take a joke to some friends and end the scared went wrong because in the end we got scared us. After the party we went to his house because the were already the eight of the morning.

In my Christmas holidays, I didn't send Christmas cards, I didn't see my cousins, I decorated the Christmas tree, I spended Christmas night with my family, I visited my grandparents, I stayed at home, I did my homework, I didn't move out, I played on the computer, I didn't make a snowman, I bought Christmas presents, I sang Christmas carols, I didn't drink champagne, I got many presents, I didn't go skating on the ice- rink, I didn't go skiing, I didn't eat a yule log, I didn't meet Santa, I didn't leave milk and a cookie under the tree for Santa,I read books or comics. But I did more things, for example, went to the cinema, listened to music, ate out, played with my brother, watched films and programs in the TV, went to shooping, I love shooping!!!!Did I more things?? I don't know!!!! Oh YES!!! I went out with my bests friends Tania and Laura, we saw the Twelftt Night procession and taked a lot of sweets.

Friday, 7 January 2011

My christmas was very entertaining . I decorated my house and the christmas tree. I read some books and I did my homework . I spent Christmas night with my family . We sang christmas carols . On 25 in December, me and my family watched films . One day , me and my friend Laura went to the cinema . On 31 in December , me and my family ate very courses : seafood , christmas nougats , etc . In the midnight we ate twelve grapes . We danced at the end . I usually visited my grandparents . I bought the christmas presents . On 5 in January , I went to the mounted procession with my friends . We got many presents on 6 in January . We opened the presents. We ate large round loaf and liquid chocolat , are delicious ! On the latest days, I listened to music, I played on the computer and I watched very films in the TV while ate pop corn . I liked my christmas , was very fun but the classes started and the christmas holidays finished .

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!