Monday, 29 March 2010

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

This is the book we will be reading during the third term. Surely we will all enjoy it.

Write your own mini-saga

OakleyOriginals (flickr)
Your homework for these holidays is writing a "mini-saga". What is it? Here is the link to the web page you need to know everything about "mini-sagas" and to prepare your own. Remember to give a title to your post and to include the label "mini-saga". Add a picture related to the content of your story. You can find some here. We will have a contest with those mini-sagas written by you and those by the students from E2D and Bachillerato (you can find already a few examples of mini-sagas at their class blogs, Brunete and Butarque). Besides that, as a homework during your holidays, I'd like you to visit the entry Zoos at one of the other blogs in our Secondary School, Parque de Lisboa Promising Youngsters. There you will find a question you have to answer (at least fifty words...) and, as usual, I need you to use your blogger account to check that it was you the one who was there. Remember to be polite, to praise the blog's appearance and content and to mention that you have your own class blog, Learning English in Alcorcón. Have a happy Easter!!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Plot

Elisa: Finally, here we are, in the airport.
Elena: Next, pleas.
Sandra: Hi!
Elena: Hello, wellcome to Oceanic Airport, pleas, give me the passports.
Lidia: Here you are.
Elena: Ok, good.
Bea: My passaport.
Elena: Ok
Sandra: Here is mine...
Elena: It's all right
Elisa: Here you are.
Elena: Oh! what's wrong? Pleas, can you give me your DNI, pleaa
Elisa: Of course
Elena: Oh here was the problem, you can pass to the machine.
Sandra: come on, Lidia, I've already pass
Lidia: Ok.
Vanesa: Have you got somethingof metal?
Lidia: Yes, sorry, the brazallet.
Vanesa: That's not the problem, can you take out the belt?
Lidia: Yes...
Vanesa: Oh good! that was the problem, you can pass
Elisa passes
Bea (is going to pass but pipipipipipi) : oh the knife!...bye
and run away
Vanesa: Whait a minute!

Monday, 22 March 2010

The Animal behing the Musgo: The Aberroncho!

The Money Show!

Fernando => Presentantor
Raúl => Contestant
Diego => Contestant
George => Contestant
Sergio => Contestant
Ángel => Contestant
Fernando- Hello! Welcome to ''The Money Show''! Today we have four new contestants that will fight for th price of 1 million euros, from the Canary Islands, the contestant, George. Hello George.
George- Hello! I'm very nervous.
Fernando- Don't worry, the next contestant is from Madrid. Hello Raúl!
Raúl- I'm very......
Fernando- Ok. Don't worry, the next one is from Valencia .
Diego- Hi! I'm very proud to be here.
Fernando- And the last contestant, from Vallecas, Sergio
Sergio- Thank you for your presentation.
Raúl- Ok. Very nice but, when do we start?!
Fernando- Now, my mate is going to ask the Questions!
Ángel- First question: Which river goes through London? To Sergio.
Sergio- The river Thames!
Ángel- Very good! Now, for Diego. Who was the first president of the United States?
Diego- The answer is George Bush! OOOOhhhh no no, I memory failed his George Washington!
ángel- Ok, and now for Raúl. What is the capital of Jamaica?
Raúl- Port Prince.
Ángel- No, rebote!
George- Lima.
Ángel- No, is kingston! you two are eliminated. Sergio and Diego go to the final!
Ángel- And the final question, that cost 1 milion euros. What is the Animal behing the musgo?
Diego- Sergio's Mother!
Ángel- Nooo! rebote!
Sergio- The Aberroncho!
Ángel- Yes! you have win 1million euros, congratulations!

Breaking News

V-Hello welcome another day to the breaking news.
B-Today we start with one of a great reports
V-We have send Irene to the Penin that were two homeless are living.

I-Today we are here in the Penin to talk with Laura and Sofia
S-Laura,Laura the TV!!
I-Hello,What are you doing here?
L-We live here
S-There is a secret door under the violin
L-Behind the musgo
I-What do you usually eat?
S-We eat plants,we are vegetarian
I-What happens on friday and saturday night here?
L-Here are very funny parties with very hot boys
S-We have a lot of friends.
I-Okey this is all, we return to the breaking news.

V-How interesting was this interview ;);)
V-Well, give way to Quely
Q-Hello people tomorrow in spain is going to be a very hot day.
V-Okey thanks for the information
B-Well,...Good bye and see you tomorrow in a new breaking news
V-Don't forget!!

V-Vicente González
B-Belén Vidal
I-Irene Rodriguez
S-Sofia Ramos
L-Laura López
Q-Jacqueline Vallejo

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Little Play

(In a bank. Noelia is waiting behind the counter when Yolanda arrives. Sofía enters the bank just after Yolanda and waits in the row. Clara is sit in a chair near the row.)
Y.- Good morning!
N.- Good morning! Can I help you?
Y.- I would like to put money in my account.
N.- Sure! Can you give me your credit card?
(A young girl, Irene, and her grandmother, Claudia enter the bank.)
I.- Come on grandma...
CD.- Ouch! My back...! I'm not as young as you are now... When I had your age...
I.- Yes, grandma, of course... (touching Sofía's back) Sorry, are you the last one?
S.- Yes, yes...
CD.- (Suddenly, taking out a gun) Then give me your money!!
S.- Yes, yes, please, don't shoot me, please!
I.- Everyone, put your hands where I can see them!!
(Noelia, Yolanda, Clara and Sofía put their hands up)
CD.- Come on, come on, give it all to me!
S.- Please, don't kill me, please...!
(Clara suddenly stands up.)
CL.- Don't worry! This is all a joke! We are in this new TV programme!
(Everyone stands up and begin clapping. Sofía looks around her, confused.)
CL.- Say hello to the camera! (While pointing to a corner in the room.)
S.- What?! Are we in the TV? Oh, god! Hello mum!

The Plot

(Elisa and Lidia are waiting out by the red carpet)

Sandra: Elisa, Lidia wait a minute, please.
Lidia and Elisa: Hi!
Lidia: Ok, I will wait a minute but only one.
Bea: How have came you wiht?
Elisa: With my brother and with my dad.
Sandra: And you Lidia?
Lidia: I came with my sister and Jorge Lorenzo.
Elena: Please, Sandra move a little to your right that there is more light.
Sandra: How are you feeling?
Elisa: I'm realy exceted and happy. This is like a dream.
Lidia: I'm very happy, bacause this oscar recorginez all my work.
Bea: Is true that you have fight during the moving?
Lidia: No, Elisa is like my sister.
Elisa: As well we are like sister. Sorry we have to go goodby.
Sandra: Thank you.
Bea: Bye.

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Last week, on Wensday the 26 of march, a very cute monkey began converted into the most naughty animal of the day. This curious incident began the notice of the day when Loto, the monkey of the cyrcus"El Sol" that is nowadays stablished in Alcorcón, wanted to go for a walk to the fun fair. The monkey entered in all the atracctions, causing surprise and fun to all the people. Loto stoled a sugar cloud to a men, and he, instead of getting angry, began to laugh. At night, he returns to the circus. Unfortunately, the owner of Loto doesnt laugh and get really angry. I hope Loto wont be punished!

Olimpic Ice Skitting Competition

The 20 of february were a competition,was the Olimpic Ice Skitting Competition. They were faboulous but most the russian people that were win. These year were celebrate in the USA as the last year were celebrate in argentina.


A poor man in Alcorcon bought lottery last week like he did every week. When he
looked for the winner number he discovered that he won the first price in lottery
that was of one million euros. Now, a new life has started for him because now, he's
the richest man in Alcorcon.

The teen's parrot Yago.

Last saturday a parrot was adopted by a group of teenagers in a very fashion and well know school in Alcorcón. The parrot was taken from the park. The teens defend themselves telling the world that it's a brilliant idea, they'll learn who to work in group and about parrots life.The name they have put for him in Yago. Nowadays is incredible to see a group of metropolitan teenagers loving this estrage type of bird. Some people think it was a joke, but actually, Yago is another one in the group. He's learning who to do homework, go to the cinema or even study. These guys really belive that Yago have his little heart.

Disaster in the town!!

Friday in the afternoon at 16:00 pm a lion escape from the Zoo. This is because the guard of these animals forget to close the door.
This can converd in a disaster because this lion is a very dangerous animal and can attack some one.
The pearson in charge of all the Zoo said that the people mantein the calm because the lion all ready capturate.

A terrified accident

A girld of 16 years old death in a Hospital of Alcorcón because the nurse it's wrong on the medicine and she get the medicine of another pacient.The nurse are farewell.The girld died between the 2pm-4pm his fathers found her death in his bed.

The biggest shopping centre in the world

A new shopping centre has just been opened this week. It was inaugurated the last friday, and it is the biggest shopping centre in the world. It has five floors full of shops. The lower floor is just for food, and the others have all kinds of shops (clothes, books, pets, toys...).It has another floor for restaurants, bars and fast food, and two more for cinemas. There's also another floor for the children, where they can play while their parents are enjoying the rest of the shopping centre. It's opened the seven days of the week.
The 21 of February, a catastrophic flood shake Madeira(Portugal), over 40people death and 100people was injured. The rain lasted 15h and 250 lost is homes and all they have.
The security orders hace to know that this catastrophic can be posible.

A new hospital is opened

A new hospitalis opened in Mostoles, is a privated hospital, and the people won´t to go to the hospital, have to pay 50€ all months.
Is open next Friday at 8 o´clock.
I think that is a good idea because Mostoles only have one hospital and need more that one.


The Australian Peter Carbury climbs the Empire State the day 20th February 2010.
He wants to break the last record of time and he did it.He climbs the Empire State
in 30 minutes.Peter was very proud of the success and when he was in the
top of the building,he writes his name and the date with spray.

The game of the Year

the 7 of December,in the municipal pool of Alcorcon,it is going to be a waterpolo match,between the local team,between the local team and the vigent regional champion,the Aranjuez waterpolo team.The two teams have do a brilliant year,but the visitors are the favourites.However a match is never secure and the Alcorcon have the public in his side.The winner of this match will be the new regional champion.I think it would be an interesting match wich no secure end.

Michael Schumacher have an aeroplane accident.

The last Friday the Champion of Formula 1 Michael Schumachers have an accident with an aeroplane in the museum of aire in Alcorcón. When a wire broke and the aeroplane fall and Michael broke his two legs .This season will be in the hospital.And he isn´t going to run.


An old woman, family of Philip V, has died the last 28th february. She was very rich, she has two houses and a lot of money. The family was waiting for her testament, but when they finnaly saw it, they became really surprised, the heritage of the woman was for her turtle Tipi. The family is really ungry, they don't know what to do and really I think it is a strangle tning because a turtle can do nothing with those things.

A different day

A new shopping centre is going to be inaugurated in the center of Alcorcón. For this special event the famous group: El sueño de Morfeo is going to be invited to inaugurate it. Come in and see it on Sunday 23 of May, is ging to be open from 12 o'clock in the morning until midnight. There's going to be two cinemas, one bowling and 60 different shops. The inauguration is going to be impresive if you want to have a funny sunday, come and see it.

Rock in Rio 2010

Like all the years the Rock in Rio is going to be celebrated in Arganda del Rey (Madrid), is going to spend 5 days on the month of June. This year a lot of groups and singers will come. The Rock in Rio 2010 is clasified in three types of music: Heavy metal some groups that will come this year are Metallica and Bon Jovi. Other group is Rock here will come for example Fito. The last group is Pop-Rock here is include Rihanna.We think that is a good festival to have fun.

Mickey's shop fan

A new shop is going to be opened in the centre of Alcorcón. But this is a special shop as in it you can only buy things with the face of Miceky Mouse on it! The owner of the shop is a fifty-year-old woman. She has been collecting objects with the face of Mickey Mouse or its logo on them for years, but a year ago she couldn't keep all those objects in her house and so her daughter convinced her to sell them. She's is very very proud of her collction, the biggest in the world! However, she also says that she needed to get rid of them as it was "more an obssesion than a hobby". The shop is going to be open next Friday, the 12th of March, in La Paz street, it's only about five minutes from the Vilumbrales underground. After she has sold everything she want to use that money to travel around the world, she promises not to go to Disneyland!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A new local centre

A new local centre is going to be opened in Alcorcón , it consist of one big shopping centre, a cinema and it also it is going to have one casino.
It is going to be opened by the mayor of Alcorcón the next friday at 10 o'clock of the morning, in the outskirts of Alcorcón. Because the people want to gave more shopping center and spent their time.
I think that it is going to be a brilliant idea

Stray animals!

Last Wednesday 28th of March,the animals of the Zoo of Madrid scape of their cages and they went throughout the city.
They destroy all the thigs that they found on their way.
Nobody knows how they scaped but fortunately the police arrived quickly to fix the situation and collect the animals.
Anyway, there are some stray animals but they aren't very dangerous.
Now police are investigating how they emerged from their cages.

A Little New


One month ago, a very big and black cloud was formed in Alcorcón (Madrid). Nobody knows how the cloud had formed. All the city is plunged in the darkness, like in the night. All the lampost are on, so the consume of energy "is through the roof". The scientifics are investigating the cause of this giant cloud.

the class pet had died

sundy the pet of the class of 3rd of ESO C had died the 25th of february of 2010, sundy died during the brake between the the classes of maths and english. The people of the class are very sad because of this traumatic act, they are sure that it was a murder and they thougth that the person wich is responsible of this murder is from another class . it is a mistery because i think that the people inside the class are the ones responsible of this death of this poor animal when they pretend to play with sundy. i thikn too that they were practicing a type of budu