Monday, 28 December 2009

My last summer

Last summer I went to the mountains with my friends; Blue who likes the extreme sports, Sophie is a unquites person and the funny Sharpey.
We wanted to have a good time over there. We were decidided to climb the mountain by the time we were walking we met an other group of adventurers. Their names are Lucia, Sergio and Jose.
We climbed the mountains together and later Blue propoused to do bungee jumping. We did it but at the end Sofía and I couldn't do it. After that all of all went to a restaurant and we had lunch.

At the evening we would want to do some scuba diving. We had to prepare the equipment and went to the lake. By the time we were havingfun Sharpey hit her head with the rocks around the lake and Jose had to rescue her and he put her on safe. All the group were impatient to see if she was ok. She thanks him giving him a kiss.

At the end we had a very good time at the mountainsand we made new friends.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The girl who learned who to live in ....

Everything was happening as I thought it will be, I was having good marcks in my last exams and my parents were really happy. By that time, my friends were always by my side and mom and dady were so thankfull about my behaviour at home.Everything was nice and great, till that day, that stupid day in which everything went wrong. It was a cloudy day, one of those days in which you just want to stay at home reading a book or listening to slow music. But life didn't deserve me that so I woke up as always and I went to the school. At school averything continue being wonderfull, the problem appeared when I arribe at home. A lot of suitcases were opened around my house.
-Common girl!! Keep everything, we have to leave the house in one hour.
-What is happening mom?? Why?? Where?? Mom!!
-Today is november 19th, it's the last day we can stay here. We'll go to grandsmas house.
-To the village?? And the school??
-We'll see, common!!

I took all my thing and carrythem into dad's car. I went up-stairs and I felt everything at grandma's debroom. I just wanted to shout, shout the world for been so bad.

But then, when I were for my first time in the middle of the countryside I saw a girl, she was exacly like me, she was playing with some flowers. She had done really beautifull brazalets. I didn't see that girl again but I liked that strange thing she was doing...playing with flowers.

Lost in a forest

It was a beutifull spring day, the sky was cleared and the birds were singing. Jane and Ana decided to go to a camping near the forest after Jane finished in her job. When jane came she waited for Ana. Inmediately she appeared with her suitcase and Jane and her put it inside the convoy. They arranged. In the middle of the voyage Jane noticed that the convoy was wrong. Later they saw a gas station and stoped because they thought that probably the convoy was wrong due to the gas. When they finished they continued their voyage. It was getting dark and suddenly the convoy stoped. Jane and Ana were very frightened because they were lost in a forest. While Jane was preparing the beds Ana was looking out for something to eat because they didn`t have anything. Jane was nervous because Ana didn`t return,so she decided to go out and found Ana. Suddenly she heard some one screaming, it was Ana. She run to the voice and she found her friend in a hole. She helped. Both return to the convoy. Luckily Ana found some fruits. They ate the fruits and they went to bed. At the end they heard some cars going through there. One car stoped and helped Jane and Ana. They went at home and they forgot the camping, they called the crane to pick up the convoy. Jane and Ana were very happy because they were good.

My dog

It was a beautiful spring day, we were in the park, it was the 18th of april of 1997.
Suddenly, someone called me by the movilephone. I didn't know who did he was, he had a strange voice. My friend, Marta, who was with me at that moment, asked me who did he or she was, but I didn't know.
At first, this stange voice told me he was a boy of my class, but I didn't belive him because I had the number of them all.
Finnally, he or she told me it was a trampand while I was talking ny the phone, someone was taking me ut my dog.
Inmediately, i told that horrible thing to Marta.
I can't remember more, I'll never forget that horrible day.
Nowadays I'm looking for my dog

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Adventure Story

It was a beautiful spring day.My parents, my little sister Ann and me had decided to go to have a picnic. We prepared all the things we needed and we went out to have our picnic.

We arrived at the place we had decided to go, and we left there all our things. Then, Ann said we could play hide-and-seek and we all thought it was a great idea.

We all hide except my father, who had to find us. First, he found my mother. Then, he found me. He spent a lot of time looking for my sister, but he didn't find her. We started to get nervous, and we all started searching for her and shouting her name. But it was getting dark and she didn't appear.

Finally, we found her sleeping between two bushes. We went home happy because Ann was OK.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

An adventure story

It was a beautiful spring day and the sun was shining a lot. Loren, Mark, Jon and me were in the beach on saturday, we were speaking and doing sumbathing, because the sea was very calm and weren't a lot of waves.
It was a relaxin day but suddenly something occurs.

After we finised to eat a sandwich the sea became very upset so we decided to do surfing. When I enter the sea was very cold, so I decided to wait a little and I toke some photographs to them because I want to remember this day.

Later i began to do surfing with they, I liked a lot this sport because it is fantastic, but then Loren lost the ring that his boyfriend gave to her . So we began to looked for it but we didn't find it.

In the end we picked all the thinghs and we went to home because the next day we had to wake up soon.

Thursday, 10 December 2009


‘No!’ I cried. The words were drawing with me, deeper and deeper, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I moved my arms and legs frenetically but it only made it worse. Every time I tried to shout, hoping someone would hear me my mouth filled up with water. Suddenly everything went black.

I woke up in my bed, sweaty and panting, taking as much air as possible, stupidly trying to gain all the air I couldn’t take in my dream. I looked at the clock, 6 o’clock in the morning. I covered my face with the pillow while I sighed. I knew I couldn’t sleep again, not with the memory of the nightmare still fresh in my mind. I stood up and put on a pair of jeans and a sweater. I tied my trainers and putting the keys in my pocket I went out of the house. Now I realized buying a house in the middle of the countryside wasn’t a good idea, I needed to see someone, talk to someone. I couldn’t take the car to drive to the village; it had broken down just a couple of days before and it was still in the garage. I couldn’t call anyone, it was still 6 o’clock in the morning! Instead I went into the forest, I needed to walk, do something to forget that horrible dream. I looked for a high place where I could see the dawn breaking the darkness of the sky. I walked between the trees and just then I heard a noise behind me. I looked back but no one was there. I continued walking. I went faster but I was still hearing noises. Something was following me. I knew it. Suddenly I fell to the ground. I stood up as quickly as I could. I started to run. All of a sudden the trees disappeared. I stopped. A river. I looked at it with horror in my eyes. I was going to turn when something pushed me to the river.

‘No!’ I cried.