Saturday, 23 April 2011

El último tren a Zurich

My favourite book is El último tren a Zurich (The last train to Zurich)
It's about a guy, Eric, and he got a scholarship to study Fine arts in Viena, there he met a girl, a beautiful girl and he was in love with her but she was dating with another guy. There he met his favotire writter too and he came his friend.
This story happend in Nazi's time and the things get complicated to Eric and his friends, when the things finally get right He was dating with the girl and his best frind was his favorite writer he have to go out the country to Zurich and left his life, carreer, friends and his girlfriend all for Nazi's fault...

-In my opinion this book is so good because it's not a fantastic book it's something what happend and It mixes history with a romantic story and friendship.

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