Monday, 11 April 2011

I don't want to speak to you any more!

L- Hello! I'm very happy because I've just met Lady Gaga.
T-So what? I've just eaten with Rihanna.
L-So what? I've just gone to the beach with Mario Casas.
T-So what? I've just been in Kristen Stewart's house.
L-So what? I've just spoken with Iker Casillas. He's very friendly.
T-I've just gone to the Hayley William's party.
L-So what? I've just gone shopping with Paris Hilton.
T-So what? I've just gone to the cinema with Johnny Deep.
L-So what? I've just danced with Natalie Portman.
T-So what? I've just had a good time with Green Day's vocalist.
L- I don't wan't to speak to you any more!!
T-Ok, you are stupid!

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