Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Zion and lennox are singers of reggeaton, hip hop and dance hall.
Zion (Felix Ortiz) and Lennox (Gabriel Pizarro) belong to Carolina (Puerto Rico).
Zion measures 1,70 approximately, is brown, has the dark and very short hair he likes to play sports and especially to sing. He likes to go of holiday with his friends of the record one as tembien to Lennox. It is very nice and untid he likes to help his fans as also Lennox. Lennox is little high more that Zion has the very long hair (Rasta) of brown color, is a bit a fat man and he is charmed with playing to the football and to the basketball.
He is a very affectionate and serious man but he is charmed with it reirse.
His aficionesson to go to the cinema and to go out of holiday with his friends

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