Wednesday, 24 November 2010


The band called Despistaos and is a Pop-Rock band. Daniel Marco is the vocalist and a guitarist , Isma is the bass player , Krespo and More are guitarists and Iñigo is the drummer
They started the group in Guadalajara in 2002. In 2003 they record the first CD. In 2004 they have the second CD called : ¿ A ti que te importa?. The third CD was anuncied in 2006 called Lejano. In 2007 the forth album called Vivir al revés was in the market in september. In the fourth album there are two hits : Cada dos minutos and Los zapatos de un payaso. They use the song te ofrezco mi corazón to use it in ¨Física o química¨. The fifth album was a recopilatory called Lo que hemos vivido. The next album was Cuando empieza lo mejor. They have a lot of colaborations:
-Maldita Nerea, El Canto del Loco , La Fuga , Fito , Albertrucho.... etc.
Now, they play in every Spain and a lot of countries. They are very famous.


  1. Many thanks for this information, I teach music at an international school in Orihuela Costa and this is a big help.

  2. Thank you very much for reading our blog! Greetings!