Monday, 10 January 2011

In my Christmas holidays, I didn't send Christmas cards, I didn't see my cousins, I decorated the Christmas tree, I spended Christmas night with my family, I visited my grandparents, I stayed at home, I did my homework, I didn't move out, I played on the computer, I didn't make a snowman, I bought Christmas presents, I sang Christmas carols, I didn't drink champagne, I got many presents, I didn't go skating on the ice- rink, I didn't go skiing, I didn't eat a yule log, I didn't meet Santa, I didn't leave milk and a cookie under the tree for Santa,I read books or comics. But I did more things, for example, went to the cinema, listened to music, ate out, played with my brother, watched films and programs in the TV, went to shooping, I love shooping!!!!Did I more things?? I don't know!!!! Oh YES!!! I went out with my bests friends Tania and Laura, we saw the Twelftt Night procession and taked a lot of sweets.

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