Thursday, 13 January 2011

¡My Christmas Holidays!

My holidays of Christmas have been marvellous, close to my family.
On December 24 (Christmas Eve), we sup on my (paternal) grand parents, my parents, my sister and I.
We sup on delicious and very rich things.
We dance and sing until evening.
My sister and I go to bed to at three o'clock in the morning to wait with illusion to (Father Christmas).
On the following morning 25 of Dieciembre (Christmas), my sister and I get up with illusion to seeing the presents that (father Christmas) it had left under the tree, to each one it brought his money, a diadem with a flower, and a box of chocolates.
My grandparents returned to eat again for christmas, we spend it marvellously this day.
I, throughout the week it was waiting with unpatience for the new year ... until to the end I come the day.
On December 31, I became pretty well to enjoy of a perfect night.
It were my parents, my sister and I to house of my mother grandparents to having dinner for new year, they were all my uncles,
My premiums, my grandparents and we.
The twelve came and we take all together twelve grapes ... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!
We pass the night singing and laughing.
The following day On January 1st, 2011 we turned all to house of my grandparents again but to eating.
And we pass the evening playing my presents, my sister and I.
Happening the week waits irritate the arrival of the (kings), and to the end I come on January 5th the day of the kings' cavalgata.
We went to see her my friends and I and me go to bed with my sister soon in order that on the following morning there were planty of presents
The following day ... On January 6th we get up all together and open the presents. They brought the CD of rihanna, a few leguins and a clamper of pepito cricket jaja.
Then to the evening we went to where my grandparents (martenos) and we open the presents and they brought theirs money and a felt, to the instant come my uncle and there gave me
a perfume and money, and on having come back home I meet with my (paternal) grandparents and they gave to me money for the kings' gift.
Summarizing past these days they have been brilliant and it has done to me very happy credit been together with my family

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