Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Lost in a forest

It was a beutifull spring day, the sky was cleared and the birds were singing. Jane and Ana decided to go to a camping near the forest after Jane finished in her job. When jane came she waited for Ana. Inmediately she appeared with her suitcase and Jane and her put it inside the convoy. They arranged. In the middle of the voyage Jane noticed that the convoy was wrong. Later they saw a gas station and stoped because they thought that probably the convoy was wrong due to the gas. When they finished they continued their voyage. It was getting dark and suddenly the convoy stoped. Jane and Ana were very frightened because they were lost in a forest. While Jane was preparing the beds Ana was looking out for something to eat because they didn`t have anything. Jane was nervous because Ana didn`t return,so she decided to go out and found Ana. Suddenly she heard some one screaming, it was Ana. She run to the voice and she found her friend in a hole. She helped. Both return to the convoy. Luckily Ana found some fruits. They ate the fruits and they went to bed. At the end they heard some cars going through there. One car stoped and helped Jane and Ana. They went at home and they forgot the camping, they called the crane to pick up the convoy. Jane and Ana were very happy because they were good.

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