Tuesday, 15 December 2009

My dog

It was a beautiful spring day, we were in the park, it was the 18th of april of 1997.
Suddenly, someone called me by the movilephone. I didn't know who did he was, he had a strange voice. My friend, Marta, who was with me at that moment, asked me who did he or she was, but I didn't know.
At first, this stange voice told me he was a boy of my class, but I didn't belive him because I had the number of them all.
Finnally, he or she told me it was a trampand while I was talking ny the phone, someone was taking me ut my dog.
Inmediately, i told that horrible thing to Marta.
I can't remember more, I'll never forget that horrible day.
Nowadays I'm looking for my dog

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