Monday, 28 December 2009

My last summer

Last summer I went to the mountains with my friends; Blue who likes the extreme sports, Sophie is a unquites person and the funny Sharpey.
We wanted to have a good time over there. We were decidided to climb the mountain by the time we were walking we met an other group of adventurers. Their names are Lucia, Sergio and Jose.
We climbed the mountains together and later Blue propoused to do bungee jumping. We did it but at the end Sofía and I couldn't do it. After that all of all went to a restaurant and we had lunch.

At the evening we would want to do some scuba diving. We had to prepare the equipment and went to the lake. By the time we were havingfun Sharpey hit her head with the rocks around the lake and Jose had to rescue her and he put her on safe. All the group were impatient to see if she was ok. She thanks him giving him a kiss.

At the end we had a very good time at the mountainsand we made new friends.

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