Saturday, 12 December 2009

An adventure story

It was a beautiful spring day and the sun was shining a lot. Loren, Mark, Jon and me were in the beach on saturday, we were speaking and doing sumbathing, because the sea was very calm and weren't a lot of waves.
It was a relaxin day but suddenly something occurs.

After we finised to eat a sandwich the sea became very upset so we decided to do surfing. When I enter the sea was very cold, so I decided to wait a little and I toke some photographs to them because I want to remember this day.

Later i began to do surfing with they, I liked a lot this sport because it is fantastic, but then Loren lost the ring that his boyfriend gave to her . So we began to looked for it but we didn't find it.

In the end we picked all the thinghs and we went to home because the next day we had to wake up soon.

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