Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The girl who learned who to live in ....

Everything was happening as I thought it will be, I was having good marcks in my last exams and my parents were really happy. By that time, my friends were always by my side and mom and dady were so thankfull about my behaviour at home.Everything was nice and great, till that day, that stupid day in which everything went wrong. It was a cloudy day, one of those days in which you just want to stay at home reading a book or listening to slow music. But life didn't deserve me that so I woke up as always and I went to the school. At school averything continue being wonderfull, the problem appeared when I arribe at home. A lot of suitcases were opened around my house.
-Common girl!! Keep everything, we have to leave the house in one hour.
-What is happening mom?? Why?? Where?? Mom!!
-Today is november 19th, it's the last day we can stay here. We'll go to grandsmas house.
-To the village?? And the school??
-We'll see, common!!

I took all my thing and carrythem into dad's car. I went up-stairs and I felt everything at grandma's debroom. I just wanted to shout, shout the world for been so bad.

But then, when I were for my first time in the middle of the countryside I saw a girl, she was exacly like me, she was playing with some flowers. She had done really beautifull brazalets. I didn't see that girl again but I liked that strange thing she was doing...playing with flowers.

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