Monday, 25 January 2010


To: the Alexandria Tourist Office
From: Ángel Cuartero
Date: 25.01.10
Subject: tourists' opinions of Alexandria

Alexandria is a city situated in the north of Egypt and is the second-largest city of the country. Is one of the most important historical city. The aim of this report is to highlight the problems and advantages of Alexandria.

There are several positive things that tourists mention:
  • It's a city with a very good climate, so the people are always in the street.
  • There are very beautiful landscapes and monuments.
  • The people are very peaceful and pacific.

However, there are many things which tourists would like to improve:

  • They have three religions (Christianity, Islam and Juadism), so they sometimes have rligious problems.
  • Puritanism still exists in some public spaces, such as the beachs and cafes, only in male presence.

To sum up, Alexandria is a very beautiful city, is has a lot of impresionant monuments and landscapes and the people is very pacific.

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