Monday, 25 January 2010


To:The people interesting in travelling.
From:Belén Vidal.
Subject:Culture of Manila.

Manila is the capital of the Philippines.1,6 million people of inhabitants live in the capital.The aimof this report iss to informate the people of this city.Manila is a very unknown city so is interesting to learn new thungs of it.

Some advantages of Manila are these:
a)All the people are very kind and friently especially when you have problems with the lenguage or with the problems you could have.
b)It have a hugh diversity of animals an plants.
c)As is a poor city,everithing is very cheap.
d)It have a very mix culture ,because a lot of wars occurs there sow they have a lot of lenguages,food and history.

However as every city it have some disadvantages:
a)It have a lot of polluction.
b)From Madrid to Manila is a 17`s hours voyage.
c)Is a very poor country.
d)Is a very dirty city.

To sum up ,i think that is a very interesting place to visit,to met new cultures and to prove new things.Like every country it have some disadvantages but in addition i would said that i want to go to this city and to learn new things about it.

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