Thursday, 7 January 2010

the adventure of my life

One day when i came from school i saw my mother doing the baggage i expect it was a present.Suddenly appears my father and tole me that in the christmas holidays we were going to visit Norway,i though
it was a dream but it wasn`t.When we were in the plain i was very excited ,when go out of the plane,and we went to the hotel i saw everithing white, all the day before and part of this has being snowing so we can`t take a taxy,it was very dangerous.We decided to goon foot to investigate yhe sorrouns of the hotel,
as it was in a small city in the south of Norway the steet was avandonated except a poor boy.As he were very cold my mother invited him to a chocolate to star to be hot.As he thought he was in debt with us he decided to give us the onlu thing that he have,a strange map of the city, it seams old.My sister thought it wasn`t important but it was,it have a strange simbol in the center of the map.The next day my father and i we decided to go to the place in wich the simbol was located.In this place the only thing we found was a big hole in the groung with a lot of worming singnal that advice us from the danger of it.When we went to the hotel and we swich on the t.v the news worm us that a children have fould down in the hold because some one have push him into.It was Jimmy the poor child we found in the steet and give us the map.It was scarring the police said they were looking for the map .This map was very spensive,it saws were the treasure of Norway was hide.

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