Sunday, 24 January 2010

Los Angeles

To: the Los Angeles Tourist Office
From: Irene Rodriguez
Date: 24.1.10
Subject: tourists' opinions of Los Angeles

I would like to tell you what tourists like about LA and what problems they have in the city.

There are many things that people like about LA. Here are some of them:
-There are lots of hotels, and also local people rent bedrooms. There are many monuments to see and even street performances. And, although nightlife is expensive, there are many places to go.
-Although local people don't have so much social life, they are usually friendly.
-There's no local food. However, there is so much variety with food from other countries.

But people think that other things have to change:
-Restaurants have long waiting-lists and they are very expensive, too.
-There are only two kinds of shops: on the one hand, thrift stores, with weird and uncool clothes, and on the other hand, famous designers' boutiques.
-They need more security. Going by bus at night is dangerous because there are violent street gangs.

In conclusion, although people like many things about Los Angeles and find the city entertaining, some of them think it's dangerous and many places are expensive too.

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