Sunday, 24 January 2010


To: Edinburgh Tourist Office
From: Noelia Pozanco
Date: 24.1.2010
Subject: Tourists opinions of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. It is located in the east coast of Scotland on the river Firth of Forth. The aim of this report is to show the people which things tourists like of Edinburgh and which ones tourists would like to improve.

There are many things that tourists will find attractive.

  • The climate is excellent. Althought the climate in summer are relatively cold with an average of 13ºC.
  • The food is really good,and there are many places to eat. In addition you can eat traditional Scotish dishes,too.
  • Has a huge of things to visit. Also, this can be expensive, althought if you are a huge group is cheaper.

However, there are things that the tourists didn`t like it but this can improve.

  • Visit monuments or other things are expensive but probably this happen in all capitals.
  • Tourists do not always feel save in the shooping centres because there are many people and also more than one day someone has stolen things. In addition they think that should be more protection in the shooping centres.
  • Transports are good, but the trains are old and crowded.

To sum up, on one hand tourists find Edinburgh a fantastic capital city to visit things or to eat very well. On the other hand, the goverment should put more security and change the transports that are old.

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