Saturday, 17 April 2010

23rd of April, Book Day
To mark the 23rd of April, International Book Day, we are going to publish our favourite book's recommendations. Think for a while about all the books you have read and decide on which one is your favourite. Is it El Quijote? Is it A tres metros sobre el cielo? Or perhaps Twilight? The book can be written originally in any language, but your recommendation must be written in English. You need to mention the book's title, its author's name and add a picture if possible. Your recommendation must be one hundred words long (title and author not included) and as captivating as possible for everybody to read that book... Include the label "Book Day" on your post and remember to leave it as a draft. It must have a title. All of our recommendations will be published the very 23rd. Enjoy your reading...!

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