Wednesday, 28 April 2010

my mother's description

My mother is call Jacqueline like me. She is forty-two years old and she lives with her son, her father and me, here, in Alcorcon. She works as commercial. She is a fantastic person to deal with people. She haven't got any hobbies but she likes longs walks. She loves children and also she loves animals. especially dogs. She have one call Laika and it has two years old. Usually, i see her taking on phone during much time. She doesn't hated anything.

My mum has got short, black hair and black eyes. She is tall and thin. She always smiling. Her smile is what people remember about her. She always is happy and she is also very cheerful. She is also very generous and helpful.

My mother is very popular with her neighbours because she help everyone. She also works a lot and my brother said that, for example, pass more time in work than with he, so sometimes argue with him, but she loves him so much and also she loves me.


  1. nice description

  2. bad grammar and there was a lot of spelling mistakes

  3. spelling mistakes-- lots