Friday, 23 April 2010

Verano en vaqueros

My favourite book is "Verano en vaqueros" and his author is Ann Brashares, she is the author of the sisterhood of the traveling pants. She was born in Washington D.C. She estudied philosophy in the university in Columbia of New York. Worked in publishing industry to 2000, when she publish his first novel that was "Verano en vaqueros" that was an unexpected success
and following several titles in the series and the editorial of this bok is SM.

Well I recommend this book to the teenegers, because it is very entretaining, interesting and very funny. This book is about four friends called Bridget, Tibby, Carmen and Lena, they have the same age more o less 16.
They became to be friends when his mothers meet in the class of birth preparation, and from that day they became very friends and they were known as the septembre because they all giving birth in this month except Lena's mother.
The girls have been always togethers, but this summer they are going to separate, because they are going to spent the summer in different places.But when Carmen found some jeans and all the girls put on they stay perfect in each one and they have different size.
But I really like it because each one talk about the experiences that they are doingin the summer and they have to write in it the most interesting thing .
For example I like so much the romantic history that lives Lena.
I invite you to read it because you will like so much.

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