Sunday, 25 April 2010

My cousin Lucia

My cousin is called Lucia. She is fourteen years old and she lives with my uncles and my cousin in a big flat in Madrid. She is a student but she doesn't like too much study because it is so boring, and going to school. But she likes a lot TV, especially the series of FoQ, los protegidos and the programs like GH. Also she like to spent a lot of time with his friends and go shoping with them.

Lucia has got long, brown hair and straight, brown eyes. She has a midle stature and she is a bit thin. She use a few make-up but she allways painted the line of the eye.
She is always smailing and has a peculiar laught. Lucia is very genereus and helpful with all the people.

My cousin is very popular with her friends, may be because she is very funny, and friend of her friends also she listents to you when you have a problem.

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