Friday, 23 April 2010

''El príncipe de la niebla'', by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

''El príncipe de la niebla'' is a book of Carlos Ruiz Zafón.This book is a mystery and horror young adult novel.Carlos Ruiz Zafon is a famous spanish writer.The story took place in a village of the Atlantic.The Carver's family moved to live in this village but they didnt think that stranges things will occurs.The house in which they are living was the home of a rich family which during many years hadn't children,but finally they had a son called Jacob who died in a strange circumstances.This death was associated with a demon,Prince of the fog who gives any wish in exchange for a high price.

You have to read it if you like story of misteries.This book is special because if you begin to read you can't stop.''El príncipe de la niebla'' is a book which had a beautiful end,if you want know it read it.''El príncipe de la niebla'' had won the prize EDEBE of Youth literature.''El príncipe de la niebla'' had sold one hundred fifty thousand copies.

The Characters are:Max,Alicia,Irina,Maximiliam Carver,Andrea Carver,Eva Gray,Roland,Victor Gray,Prince of the fog

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