Friday, 23 April 2010

La Joven de las Naranjas (Jostein Gaarder)

I liked a lot the book and I recommend it to everyone who likes philosophy and all it has to do with it. This book is a bit extrange but it is great. Is one of my favourites books. It is about a boy that his father has died some time ago and he discover a letter of he. The letter relate an story of when his father was young that he was in a tram of Oslo and he saw a girl with a big bag full of oranges and he thought that it was going to fall the bag, and trying to pick it up, he threw all the oranges on the floor. The girl left the tram and the boy didn't found her until they met in a cofee. Then, after meet several times, she said he that they could not bee seen in six months. I will not tell more because I will not reveal the story.

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