Thursday, 22 April 2010


I describe my friend Lidia:
Lidia is 15 years old. She is always smiling, is a very happy person. She is genereux with the people because if a person don't have friends she's always speak to him or her. She is a kind and sociable person. She has brown hair and brown eyes but not so dark brown eyes more or less clear brown eyes. She has the skin white.

She don't like the types of film that is of history or borring like Agora. She is always said me that she don't like so much the babys.

She is a very good person and a very good friend. She helps the people. She likes so much the food because when I telephone her she is always eating. She likes the romantic films and pop music like ECDL ( El Canto Del Loco) like me. She likes very much the animals, she has 5 parakeets in her house.

This is all.

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