Thursday, 29 April 2010

My best friend description

Her name is Aldara.
She is 14 years old.
She is normal size, she have brown hair, dark skin brown eyes and thin.
She is very active and nervous. She is also a bit crazy and she is always happy.
Aldara like to dance, the music and parties! but the thing she loves is Football!
She doesn´t like dogs and rock music.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Im going to describe my mother Pilar. She's a very find person, and she's always loocking more to the others that to herself.
She's tall and not very thin, but she's not fat.
She likes to met everyone and she's very sociable.
She likes the nature, the kids and de vegetables.
She hates the spiders.

my mother's description

My mother is call Jacqueline like me. She is forty-two years old and she lives with her son, her father and me, here, in Alcorcon. She works as commercial. She is a fantastic person to deal with people. She haven't got any hobbies but she likes longs walks. She loves children and also she loves animals. especially dogs. She have one call Laika and it has two years old. Usually, i see her taking on phone during much time. She doesn't hated anything.

My mum has got short, black hair and black eyes. She is tall and thin. She always smiling. Her smile is what people remember about her. She always is happy and she is also very cheerful. She is also very generous and helpful.

My mother is very popular with her neighbours because she help everyone. She also works a lot and my brother said that, for example, pass more time in work than with he, so sometimes argue with him, but she loves him so much and also she loves me.

Monday, 26 April 2010

my italian partner description

My italian partner is 17 years old ,she is very smart , she loves go shopping ,also she is so funny and , she have black hair,she have strainght hair,she's medium height, she isn't thin or fat she is normal , she is a little bit ugly but have a very good loking!! she is perfect for me!! :)

My syster´s description.

I am going to do a description of my syster.Her name is Miriam.She have 27 years old.She is not so told but she normally wears high heels.She have brown hair,and her eyed are between grenn ad brown.She is very thin.She always were very fashion clothes.
She is always smiling and very friendly.She is very intelligent because she has study a lot.She likes travel so much,she has visit almost all Europe and united estates and Asia.Miriam,love´s Tim Burton films,because they usually are very funny.But my syster also have same bad thing´s like her costum of change every thing out of it place.But she is a very good person.


Im going to describe my friend Bea.Bea have a very brunete skin,sometimes were make-up in her eyes,she have brown eyes,and is very thin.
His caracter she is sometimes smile,she is very sensitive and generous,she is a good friend,and always make lagh you.His relationships is very open with his friends and with his family,and she dont like to talk with boys.
She likes horses,the color blue, the band of the canto del loco,and go to cinema.And she dont like that boys touching them and the meet.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

My cousin Lucia

My cousin is called Lucia. She is fourteen years old and she lives with my uncles and my cousin in a big flat in Madrid. She is a student but she doesn't like too much study because it is so boring, and going to school. But she likes a lot TV, especially the series of FoQ, los protegidos and the programs like GH. Also she like to spent a lot of time with his friends and go shoping with them.

Lucia has got long, brown hair and straight, brown eyes. She has a midle stature and she is a bit thin. She use a few make-up but she allways painted the line of the eye.
She is always smailing and has a peculiar laught. Lucia is very genereus and helpful with all the people.

My cousin is very popular with her friends, may be because she is very funny, and friend of her friends also she listents to you when you have a problem.

Friday, 23 April 2010


The book I've chosen is Twilight, and the author is Stephenie Meyer.

"Twlight" is about a normal girl and a vampire who fall in love with each other.
The story takes place in a little village located in the USA, in our century.
They have to face many problems to be together, because the vampire feels attracted by her blood, but even though it's dangerous for her to be near him, they overcome those problems because they are in love.
It's a great book because it mixes love with adventure, and the author knows how to write the feelings and the thoughts of the girl, so you can identify yourself with her.

El Club de las Siete Gatas

My favorite book is called “El Club de las Siete Gatas” I’ve read this book when I was 12 years old. It is a mystery and fantasy book, it also has some scenes of terror.
I recommend you to read this book because it is very entertainment and fun, it makes you read more because it is very mysterious because it is about two brothers that move to a new house and they have to find clues to solve the mystery of the house. It is really entertainment to read.
It is also a short book and easy to read.

The boy in the striped pyjamas

It's the story of a boy whose father works in a very important position to Hitler. He moves to a new house in Auschwitz with his familiy near a Concentration Camp. One day he goes out of his house to investigate the enviromet of the house and discovers a boy on the other side of the fence. They develop their friendship during some weeks till the day they discover that Shmuel's dad had disapeared, they are both going to do whatever to find him. A terrible accident is going to reach the heart of everyone who dare to read it. John Boyne wrote this beautiful story about how the innocence of two kids can show the world the real matter of life. For all kind of people, at any age. It's absolutelly a best seller in a lot of countries around the world.

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

Bruno is a boy with nine years old, he has a sister, Gretel. They live in a mansion, but one day they moved to a place called Auschwitz, due to of the job of his father by the decision of the Furies (Hitler). In the bedroom of Bruno there is a window in which Bruno saw a concentration camp with people in striped pyjamas behind a huge fence, they were jews. Bruno loves to explore so one day he went to walk around the back part of the house which his mother had forbidden to go, there he meet a boy that are behind the fence and they started a friendship.

I recomend you this book because is the real live that happens in the past and you can learn about this things. And because it`s a beautiful book.

Mil soles espléndidos.

One of my favourites books is "Mil soles esplendidos". It is about the life of two women of Kabul and how did they have to behave, and it sows you how strong is the life of this women. I recomens it for all the people because it is a brilliant book that sow the life of women in this countries, and also is a history about love and adventures.

El Bosque de los Pigmeos, de Isabel Allende

'' El Bosque de los Pigmeos '' is an adventure book about the adventures that Nadia and Alexander, two friends, live when they go to Africa with Alexander's grandmother, Kate. They met with a missionary who is looking for two partners that have dissappeared. The bad guys are the leaders of the Brotherhood of the Leopard: the commander Mbembelé, the magician Sombe and the king Kosongo, that has enslaved the tribe of the pygmies.

Nadia and Alexander have powers: Nadia can make herself invisible and she can talk with the animals; Alexander, can transform himself into a jaguar and both two can communicate with the spirits. It is the last book of the trilogy '' Memorias del Águila y del Jaguar '' that began with '' La Ciudad de las Bestias ''.


The title of the book that I suggested to you is called "Medianoche". It's a book very interestant. It treates of a romantic story between two teenagers. The girl of this story is a vampire and the boy is a hunter of vampires but they didn't nothing about it. So they are enemies but love can win hate and the vengance. This story have action, emotions, adventure, mistery and intrigue.

A curiosity of this book is that have a continuation . The second book of this saga called "adiccion" and alsois incredible.

La Sombra del Viento- Carlos Ruiz Zafón

"La Sombra del Viento" is written by Carlos Ruiz Zafón, a very famous Spanish author, all his books are written with a really sensitive point of view, which gives every book a human touch.

The story took place in Barcelona, during the beginning of the XX century. The main character is a boy called Daniel Sempere. His father is in charge of an old bookstore and his mother has died of cholera long time ago. One day, with just 10 years old, Daniel's father takes him to a secret place called "El Cementerio de los Libros Olvidados" there Daniel has to choose a book which he would have to keep during all his life. With this book starts the story of Daniel trying to find who the author was, while he is being follow by an stranger and tries to find the love of his life.

Once you have started it's difficult to put the book down, it tells you the lifes of every character, how they try to survive while they are investigating the life of a mysterious writter, how they try to find the way to be with the person they really love.

The Lord of Thieves.

My favourite book is ''The Lord of Thiefs'',written by Cornelia Funke,a german writer, and published by Destino.It is and adventure.It is settled in Venice,Italy.It is about tho guys,Prospero and Bonifacio,who become orphan.without fodd and home,they were take in by a group llead by a misterious boy.....

Verano en vaqueros

My favourite book is "Verano en vaqueros" and his author is Ann Brashares, she is the author of the sisterhood of the traveling pants. She was born in Washington D.C. She estudied philosophy in the university in Columbia of New York. Worked in publishing industry to 2000, when she publish his first novel that was "Verano en vaqueros" that was an unexpected success
and following several titles in the series and the editorial of this bok is SM.

Well I recommend this book to the teenegers, because it is very entretaining, interesting and very funny. This book is about four friends called Bridget, Tibby, Carmen and Lena, they have the same age more o less 16.
They became to be friends when his mothers meet in the class of birth preparation, and from that day they became very friends and they were known as the septembre because they all giving birth in this month except Lena's mother.
The girls have been always togethers, but this summer they are going to separate, because they are going to spent the summer in different places.But when Carmen found some jeans and all the girls put on they stay perfect in each one and they have different size.
But I really like it because each one talk about the experiences that they are doingin the summer and they have to write in it the most interesting thing .
For example I like so much the romantic history that lives Lena.
I invite you to read it because you will like so much.

La Joven de las Naranjas (Jostein Gaarder)

I liked a lot the book and I recommend it to everyone who likes philosophy and all it has to do with it. This book is a bit extrange but it is great. Is one of my favourites books. It is about a boy that his father has died some time ago and he discover a letter of he. The letter relate an story of when his father was young that he was in a tram of Oslo and he saw a girl with a big bag full of oranges and he thought that it was going to fall the bag, and trying to pick it up, he threw all the oranges on the floor. The girl left the tram and the boy didn't found her until they met in a cofee. Then, after meet several times, she said he that they could not bee seen in six months. I will not tell more because I will not reveal the story.

Mil soles espléndidos.

one of my favourites book is "Mil soles espléndidos"

''El príncipe de la niebla'', by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

''El príncipe de la niebla'' is a book of Carlos Ruiz Zafón.This book is a mystery and horror young adult novel.Carlos Ruiz Zafon is a famous spanish writer.The story took place in a village of the Atlantic.The Carver's family moved to live in this village but they didnt think that stranges things will occurs.The house in which they are living was the home of a rich family which during many years hadn't children,but finally they had a son called Jacob who died in a strange circumstances.This death was associated with a demon,Prince of the fog who gives any wish in exchange for a high price.

You have to read it if you like story of misteries.This book is special because if you begin to read you can't stop.''El príncipe de la niebla'' is a book which had a beautiful end,if you want know it read it.''El príncipe de la niebla'' had won the prize EDEBE of Youth literature.''El príncipe de la niebla'' had sold one hundred fifty thousand copies.

The Characters are:Max,Alicia,Irina,Maximiliam Carver,Andrea Carver,Eva Gray,Roland,Victor Gray,Prince of the fog

Cartas de invierno.

My favoutite book is called "Cartas de invierno" ; the author is Agustín Fernandez Paz.

I like this book because its type of terror and thriller.

The main characters are:




The book its about one house that it was supposedly enchanted and Adrián the best friend of Xavier bought it.

When Xavier came from Québec read a lot of letters from her friend Adrián; in the letters Adrián have written a lot of strange things that have happened to him inside the house.

Xavier went to the house...

La ciudad de las bestias.

I have a lot of books that I like, but I like specially the first book of Isabel Allende's trilogy called La ciudad de las bestias. I like it because it's a love and adventure story. It is placed in the Amazone, the most important character is called Alexander. He goes in a trip with his grandmother Kate all around the Amazone. Then he meets Nadia, a very strange girl, with whom he falls in love. I recommend this book to every one because it's very dynamic and different, and when you start reading ir you can't stop.

La emperatriz de los etéreos.

My favourite book is "La Emperatriz de los Etéreos" is very good because is of fantasy an also interesting. I recoment for the people that like the world of fantasy. Ok this is my favourite book.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lo único que queda es el amor

I'm going to talk about one of my favourite books which is ''Lo único que queda es el amor''.

I like this book because is about love stories but in it appear too that not everything is good love.

It includes several stories of love and it have several characters too.

This book is written by Agustín Fernández Paz.

When you are reading the book,you feel the necessity to going reading, and this are the types of books that I like.

I don't know what else can I say about this book, only that if you like love stories, you will like this book.

I hope you like it as much as I.


I describe my friend Lidia:
Lidia is 15 years old. She is always smiling, is a very happy person. She is genereux with the people because if a person don't have friends she's always speak to him or her. She is a kind and sociable person. She has brown hair and brown eyes but not so dark brown eyes more or less clear brown eyes. She has the skin white.

She don't like the types of film that is of history or borring like Agora. She is always said me that she don't like so much the babys.

She is a very good person and a very good friend. She helps the people. She likes so much the food because when I telephone her she is always eating. She likes the romantic films and pop music like ECDL ( El Canto Del Loco) like me. She likes very much the animals, she has 5 parakeets in her house.

This is all.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


He was walking down the narrow street. The moon was shining on the sky above his head. Suddenly, something pushed him down. He shouted. The glimpse of a black object made him shiver with fear. Shoot. His inert body hit lightly the floor. A dark shadow moved on the wall.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

23rd of April, Book Day
To mark the 23rd of April, International Book Day, we are going to publish our favourite book's recommendations. Think for a while about all the books you have read and decide on which one is your favourite. Is it El Quijote? Is it A tres metros sobre el cielo? Or perhaps Twilight? The book can be written originally in any language, but your recommendation must be written in English. You need to mention the book's title, its author's name and add a picture if possible. Your recommendation must be one hundred words long (title and author not included) and as captivating as possible for everybody to read that book... Include the label "Book Day" on your post and remember to leave it as a draft. It must have a title. All of our recommendations will be published the very 23rd. Enjoy your reading...!

Sunday, 11 April 2010


Three years ago we went to my mother´s village to spend our holidays. My uncle had got three puppies. At first my mother didn´t want to bring a dog. Nowadays Tury is another one in our family. We all love him. His two brothers that stayed in the village died.

Thursday, 8 April 2010


It was a boy who unfortunately stop his car because he hadn't gasoline.He went to the forest to piss and he walks a lot so he was lost.Between the bushes he saw an UFO.He was fascinated,but when he approached and ufortunately the UFO abduction the boy.No one came back to see that boy

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The sweater

It was a man who wanted to put on a sweater. He put his head into the sweater and tried to find the sleeves, but he couldn't, and he started to walk around the room, desperate, but unfortunately, the window was opened and he felt through it, and he died.

The case of the strange ''boy''

Once upon a time, there was a boy that never talked with the other classmates of his class and also, he didn't move. People began to question what could be happening to that boy. The next day, the boy dissapeared and nothin was known about him since that.

The girl who remained a kid forever...

Ana dicovered that strange tree,there was a door along the truck. She tried to open the door. there was other world,kinds,playing and lughting.Ana could never return again...she still closed there forever...or maybe was the other world who tried to remove her child's soul.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Deceitful Sheperd

There was a shepherd with his sheep, and shouted “the wolf is coming, the wolf is coming!” and all persons of the village went there to help him, but it was not true, he did so several times and people became angry.
The last time he shouted nobody came again.

The Purple Dragon

I was living near a volcano. One day, I heard a strong noise in the volcano. I went to the origin of the noise. When I was up there, I saw in the hollow of the volcano a big and purple dragon. The dragon saw me and he kill me.


once upon a time a little fairy that wants the powers like other fairys, but he have to grow but he didn't want so he go to the queen fairy and said that he want the power but he don't want to grow.
So the queen fairy said to him that if he wanted the power...he have to pass three activities:
1º its to do a duck-shape pan.
2º its to run all the village without stopped.
3º and the finally its to get a weed corridors.
He thought and he said no, he prefer to wait to be higher. And everyone laughed.

The Letter

One day, María went to the school and she found a letter in his table anonymous.

She began to read, and it was beautifull, it was about love.

María told this to all her friends, and they finally discover who was the author.

María likes him, so she kiss to him.
The Train Ride
Joe lived in Morocco and wanted to go to Sun City resort, but he had no money. He hopped on a train. That night he was hungry and went to the kitchen, but he made noise looking for food and the cook threw him off the train far from home.

the princess' curse

Fifteen years ago my parents argue with a wizard, and he promised take revenge. Today, my face change in a horrible monster every night, but later dissapeared it. I ask for help to all the wizards, and later of so much experiments, i change and converted in a total monster.

My new life.

I was a normal girl,in a normal school.I was invisible but one day everything change.I was popular!!But i don´t even know why.Know i undernstand it.It was my new perfume!Everyone love it.At first i like it,but later i started to hate ir.