Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mickey's shop fan

A new shop is going to be opened in the centre of Alcorcón. But this is a special shop as in it you can only buy things with the face of Miceky Mouse on it! The owner of the shop is a fifty-year-old woman. She has been collecting objects with the face of Mickey Mouse or its logo on them for years, but a year ago she couldn't keep all those objects in her house and so her daughter convinced her to sell them. She's is very very proud of her collction, the biggest in the world! However, she also says that she needed to get rid of them as it was "more an obssesion than a hobby". The shop is going to be open next Friday, the 12th of March, in La Paz street, it's only about five minutes from the Vilumbrales underground. After she has sold everything she want to use that money to travel around the world, she promises not to go to Disneyland!

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