Monday, 29 March 2010

Write your own mini-saga

OakleyOriginals (flickr)
Your homework for these holidays is writing a "mini-saga". What is it? Here is the link to the web page you need to know everything about "mini-sagas" and to prepare your own. Remember to give a title to your post and to include the label "mini-saga". Add a picture related to the content of your story. You can find some here. We will have a contest with those mini-sagas written by you and those by the students from E2D and Bachillerato (you can find already a few examples of mini-sagas at their class blogs, Brunete and Butarque). Besides that, as a homework during your holidays, I'd like you to visit the entry Zoos at one of the other blogs in our Secondary School, Parque de Lisboa Promising Youngsters. There you will find a question you have to answer (at least fifty words...) and, as usual, I need you to use your blogger account to check that it was you the one who was there. Remember to be polite, to praise the blog's appearance and content and to mention that you have your own class blog, Learning English in Alcorcón. Have a happy Easter!!

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