Monday, 22 March 2010

The Animal behing the Musgo: The Aberroncho!

The Money Show!

Fernando => Presentantor
Raúl => Contestant
Diego => Contestant
George => Contestant
Sergio => Contestant
Ángel => Contestant
Fernando- Hello! Welcome to ''The Money Show''! Today we have four new contestants that will fight for th price of 1 million euros, from the Canary Islands, the contestant, George. Hello George.
George- Hello! I'm very nervous.
Fernando- Don't worry, the next contestant is from Madrid. Hello Raúl!
Raúl- I'm very......
Fernando- Ok. Don't worry, the next one is from Valencia .
Diego- Hi! I'm very proud to be here.
Fernando- And the last contestant, from Vallecas, Sergio
Sergio- Thank you for your presentation.
Raúl- Ok. Very nice but, when do we start?!
Fernando- Now, my mate is going to ask the Questions!
Ángel- First question: Which river goes through London? To Sergio.
Sergio- The river Thames!
Ángel- Very good! Now, for Diego. Who was the first president of the United States?
Diego- The answer is George Bush! OOOOhhhh no no, I memory failed his George Washington!
ángel- Ok, and now for Raúl. What is the capital of Jamaica?
Raúl- Port Prince.
Ángel- No, rebote!
George- Lima.
Ángel- No, is kingston! you two are eliminated. Sergio and Diego go to the final!
Ángel- And the final question, that cost 1 milion euros. What is the Animal behing the musgo?
Diego- Sergio's Mother!
Ángel- Nooo! rebote!
Sergio- The Aberroncho!
Ángel- Yes! you have win 1million euros, congratulations!

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