Monday, 22 March 2010

Breaking News

V-Hello welcome another day to the breaking news.
B-Today we start with one of a great reports
V-We have send Irene to the Penin that were two homeless are living.

I-Today we are here in the Penin to talk with Laura and Sofia
S-Laura,Laura the TV!!
I-Hello,What are you doing here?
L-We live here
S-There is a secret door under the violin
L-Behind the musgo
I-What do you usually eat?
S-We eat plants,we are vegetarian
I-What happens on friday and saturday night here?
L-Here are very funny parties with very hot boys
S-We have a lot of friends.
I-Okey this is all, we return to the breaking news.

V-How interesting was this interview ;);)
V-Well, give way to Quely
Q-Hello people tomorrow in spain is going to be a very hot day.
V-Okey thanks for the information
B-Well,...Good bye and see you tomorrow in a new breaking news
V-Don't forget!!

V-Vicente González
B-Belén Vidal
I-Irene Rodriguez
S-Sofia Ramos
L-Laura López
Q-Jacqueline Vallejo

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