Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Plot

Elisa: Finally, here we are, in the airport.
Elena: Next, pleas.
Sandra: Hi!
Elena: Hello, wellcome to Oceanic Airport, pleas, give me the passports.
Lidia: Here you are.
Elena: Ok, good.
Bea: My passaport.
Elena: Ok
Sandra: Here is mine...
Elena: It's all right
Elisa: Here you are.
Elena: Oh! what's wrong? Pleas, can you give me your DNI, pleaa
Elisa: Of course
Elena: Oh here was the problem, you can pass to the machine.
Sandra: come on, Lidia, I've already pass
Lidia: Ok.
Vanesa: Have you got somethingof metal?
Lidia: Yes, sorry, the brazallet.
Vanesa: That's not the problem, can you take out the belt?
Lidia: Yes...
Vanesa: Oh good! that was the problem, you can pass
Elisa passes
Bea (is going to pass but pipipipipipi) : oh the knife!...bye
and run away
Vanesa: Whait a minute!

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