Sunday, 21 March 2010

Little Play

(In a bank. Noelia is waiting behind the counter when Yolanda arrives. Sofía enters the bank just after Yolanda and waits in the row. Clara is sit in a chair near the row.)
Y.- Good morning!
N.- Good morning! Can I help you?
Y.- I would like to put money in my account.
N.- Sure! Can you give me your credit card?
(A young girl, Irene, and her grandmother, Claudia enter the bank.)
I.- Come on grandma...
CD.- Ouch! My back...! I'm not as young as you are now... When I had your age...
I.- Yes, grandma, of course... (touching Sofía's back) Sorry, are you the last one?
S.- Yes, yes...
CD.- (Suddenly, taking out a gun) Then give me your money!!
S.- Yes, yes, please, don't shoot me, please!
I.- Everyone, put your hands where I can see them!!
(Noelia, Yolanda, Clara and Sofía put their hands up)
CD.- Come on, come on, give it all to me!
S.- Please, don't kill me, please...!
(Clara suddenly stands up.)
CL.- Don't worry! This is all a joke! We are in this new TV programme!
(Everyone stands up and begin clapping. Sofía looks around her, confused.)
CL.- Say hello to the camera! (While pointing to a corner in the room.)
S.- What?! Are we in the TV? Oh, god! Hello mum!

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