Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Plot

(Elisa and Lidia are waiting out by the red carpet)

Sandra: Elisa, Lidia wait a minute, please.
Lidia and Elisa: Hi!
Lidia: Ok, I will wait a minute but only one.
Bea: How have came you wiht?
Elisa: With my brother and with my dad.
Sandra: And you Lidia?
Lidia: I came with my sister and Jorge Lorenzo.
Elena: Please, Sandra move a little to your right that there is more light.
Sandra: How are you feeling?
Elisa: I'm realy exceted and happy. This is like a dream.
Lidia: I'm very happy, bacause this oscar recorginez all my work.
Bea: Is true that you have fight during the moving?
Lidia: No, Elisa is like my sister.
Elisa: As well we are like sister. Sorry we have to go goodby.
Sandra: Thank you.
Bea: Bye.

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